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You Need to Know this, as our Client!

Have you seen the recent changes lately? If you haven't been in the loop lately, here's the scoop! -

We have made a lot of recent changes in our business from this past year. In the beginning of May, we changed buildings, added new services, and have continued to grow our team.

Check out the video below to learn more about our new changes!

Video Transcript

-- Hey everybody. In case you don't recognize us- my name is Nicole. ** And I'm Brynn. -- And we are super excited to talk to you guys today about all the different changes and things going on with us, and with our business. First things first, I am on maternity leave, so for those of you have been seeing me for a while, I am on maternity leave, just for the next couple months- I just had my baby. ** And for those of you haven't been in the loop recently, we did change locations. We are legit the building next door. Because of the location change, we are able to provide more services for you guys. We have infrared saunas and we have sensory deprivation pods. They are really good for your health. We're currently working on setting up the cold plunges and we are super excited that we're able to provide those for you guys. -- Last thing, we also want to give back to our community, we want to give back to you guys. As a part of that, we are going to be starting to send out different emails with tips and tricks, with stretches, frequently asked questions - especially about our new services and why those are beneficial, sometimes some little promos. So keep an eye out for those emails, they will be starting to send here within the next month or so. That's pretty much everything. We are super excited to move forward.

** We thank you guys for being on the journey with us and we're super excited just to work with you guys in the future.

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