Our Story

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Nicole started her massage therapy journey in 2017 when she decided to start school at RCMT - Rexburg College of Massage Therapy. Since she was little, she thought it would be fun to learn this skill by walking into a spa and telling them to "teach her." As she began school, her love for health and wellness as well as healing the body through natural sources intrigued her.

A few years later, her sister, Brynn decided it was also time to do something more. Brynn came to Nicole, asking what she thought about massage therapy.  Funny enough, Nicole replied, "I love it. If you are even considering it, you should do it.... but I believe the RCMT course starts tomorrow so you better do it quick!"

Brynn jumped on the opportunity and was accepted and in class by lunch the next day!

We are excited to work with each of you in your health and wellness journey - it's a privilege to aid you in your healing and care.


We have lived in this community for most of our lives. We cannot wait to give back to this community through the skills we have learned. 

Our Approach

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At Modern Mindbody Massage, we strive to provide excellent care for our clientele. We offer nothing but superior services in our practice, bringing self-awareness and balance back into the bodies of those we work with.

We focus on aiding our clientele through health and wellness techniques resulting in decreased muscular tension and stress relief.

Therapeutic massages are our specialty.