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Modern Mindbody Massage

Your Ideal Choice for Premier Esthetic Skin Care Services

Our skin is exposed to various harsh conditions in our daily routines. From harmful UV rays, harsh weather, pollution, and diverse lifestyle choices.


Esthetician services help to get rid of these negative effects, heal and rejuvenate your skin, slow aging, and manage various dermatological skin conditions.


Modern Mindbody Massage offers a variety of restorative and rejuvenating esthetic services that guarantee healthy and glowing skin.


Esthetics Waxing


Experience custom eyebrow shaping that suits your face shape and style. With our high-quality products and meticulous detail, we design eyebrows to look as fashionable as you. 




Get luscious and flawless lips with a simple and effective waxing treatment. Whether it’s cold, hot, or sugar waxing, our experienced estheticians will help you achieve the perfect results.



Boost your confidence in less than 30 minutes with our chin waxing package. Our regimen removes unwanted hair to give you a smooth appearance that’s great to accentuate with makeup.



Say goodbye to the painful tweezer and hello to the fast and convenient nostril waxing treatment at MMM. We use high-quality wax and the safest hair removal techniques for a clear nose in minutes.



Our full-leg waxing package includes hair removal on the back and front of the thighs, knees, and lower legs. You’ll enjoy flawless skin for a month simply because you deserve to feel good.


This is a perfect treatment if you want a flawless shorts or a pencil skirt moment. Our skin-friendly and efficient half leg waxing treatment ensures that you enjoy smoother and longer hair-free upper or lower legs. 



Get a fast, effective, and safe Brazilian waxing treatment to help you get rid of hair in your bikini area - top and sides. No hair gets left behind and you’ll enjoy super smooth skin for weeks!



Ready to go all out? Book our Brazilian extended waxing treatment to remove hairs on the front and the hard-to-reach butt areas. 



Simply because you deserve a hair-free bikini line! Our waxing wizards will gently and efficiently remove hairs on the upper inner thighs to give you the simple and flawless feel you’re looking for. 



Extend the basic bikini waxing treatment as you desire. Whether it’s further inwards, on the sides, or across the top, our estheticians will ensure you get that classy and clean high-cut swimsuit look.



Keep armpit hairs away for more than six weeks! Replace the irritating and time-consuming armpit shaving ritual with our quick and pain-free underarm waxing treatment.



There’s no better way to remove the stubborn and stiff chest hairs from the roots than a good waxing. You can show off your abs and smooth skin, because you can!



A strip wax to get rid of unwanted hair and a soft lotion to soothe your skin is all you need to get stubble-free and supple skin.



Get rid of the embarrassing back hair with the latest and most comfortable waxing treatment available at MMM.


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  • Quick and convenient with most sessions lasting 15 - 30 minutes

  • Removes hair from the root

  • Smoother skin

  • Better and long-lasting results

  • Exfoliates skin

  • Less irritation and rashes

  • No cuts or injuries

  • Less and sparse hair growth over time 

Benefits of Waxing



30 min Express Facial

Are you pressed for time but need a facial to revive and restore your skin? We can offer all the benefits of the long traditional facial in under 30 minutes through an express facial. Our treatment includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation, mask application, moisturizing, and aftercare for complete skin rejuvenation.

Nourish and brighten your complexion with our highly customized facial treatments. It’s a relaxing and soothing experience like no other!

Basic Facial

Show your acne-prone skin some love with our series of tailored mini-treatments that include gentle extraction and steaming. Our acne facials help remove trapped sebum, prevent breakouts, and promote a smoother complexion.

Acne Facial 

Hydrate your dry and irritated skin with this inducing water-rich facial. Let the serum treatment work its magic to cleanse and rebalance moisture retention so you can get your smooth and bright skin back!

Hydrating Facial

Reset the effects of aging and transform the texture and appearance of your skin. Our treatments incorporate the gentle hydroxy acids that reduce fine lines and wrinkles leaving your skin feeling firmer and younger.

Age-Management Facial

Experience the most soothing and nurturing care for your sensitive skin. Our specialists use mild products and treatments that cater to your unique needs for skin that’s hydrated and balanced out.

Sensitive Skin Facial 

Dermaplane Facial

Remove peach fuzz and stimulate skin renewal with our painless and relaxing dermaplaning services. Whether it’s getting rid of acne or minimizing fine lines, this treatment is for you.

Intro-Chemical Peel

Indulge yourself with this incredibly rewarding treatment created from acids found naturally in citrus fruits for more glowing and youthful skin. Our estheticians will make your first treatment as comfortable and reassuring as possible.

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  • Improves skin texture and appearance

  • Effective and long-lasting results

  • Helps to de-stress and improve mood

  • Reduces breakouts

  • Clears congested skin

  • Improves circulation

  • Hydrates your face

  • Fights aging

Benefits of Facials


I've never had a massage- which one should I choose?

For clients who have never had a massage before, and don't have specific goals- we suggest booking a "wellness" or "therapeutic" massage.

A wellness massage is ...

how often should I

receive massage?

Your treatment plan will be completely unique to YOU!

Every(body) is different. The frequency of massage treatments you need will be based on your individual goals for your sessions.  For every client....


when should I make

my next appointment?

We highly suggest booking in advance! As our schedules fill up, it is more difficult to book day-of. Booking in advance guarantees ...

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