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As you look through the different massage services that we offer, consider also looking through our Licensed Massage Therapist team and reading what each of their specialties + abilities are. This may just help you find someone that fills your exact needs.


A relaxation-focused massage that eases muscle tension, and creates other health benefits. This light-to-medium pressured massage aids in reduced stress and tension throughout the body.


A wellness massage is often described as nurturing & relaxing, quiet & meditative, and may put you to sleep.




This pain-relief-focused massage helps relieve muscle tension and fatigue. With this medium-to-deep pressure massage, the therapist will focus on specific areas of tension with more direct pressure.


This massage can be helpful for those who experience chronic or acute pains & aches, and is often described as muscle-melting and focused on pain points.


A light - to - medium pressure massage to nurture the mother-to-be. Supportive cushions may be used to allow the expectant mother to fully relax and experience the many benefits of massage.

We can massage any mother-to-be at any given time during her pregnancy, as long as it is a low-risk pregnancy.



Each of our therapists has unique qualifications and specialties that they can offer.


Click below to see what specialty massages we offer, based on those extra certifications.




All massages can be experienced side-by-side.

This massage is for anyone who wants to be in the same room with another, whether it's a child + parent, friend + friend, or significant others.


each enhancement

$5 per add-on

massage incorporated *

$10 addition

Hot towels or packs will be placed on the desired area.

Benefits include warming/softening muscles more quickly.

hot towels /or/ pack

We will use an aromatic, essential oil of your choice.

Benefits include enhancing both physical and emotional health.

aromatherapy *

A hot towel will be placed to open up the pores, allowing Biofreeze to sink in.

Benefits include temporary relief of aches/pains.


With small cooled stones, a facial massage will be performed followed by the placing of an eye mask.

Benefits include relief of sinus pressure or inflammation/puffy eyes.

fresh eyes

Silicone cups will be suctioned to the skin to massage tight areas and placed for relief.

Benefits include the allowance of blood flow to come to the area faster, relieving muscle tension and knots more quickly.

cupping *

Stones will be massaged & placed on the back.

Benefits include warming/softening muscles more quickly.

warm stones *


I've never had a massage- which one should I choose?

For clients who have never had a massage before, and don't have specific goals- we suggest booking a "wellness" or "therapeutic" massage.

A wellness massage is ...

how often should I

receive massage?

Your treatment plan will be completely unique to YOU!

Every(body) is different. The frequency of massage treatments you need will be based on your individual goals for your sessions.  For every client....


when should I make

my next appointment?

We highly suggest booking in advance! As our schedules fill up, it is more difficult to book day-of. Booking in advance guarantees ...


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