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Our Team


Nicole Thompson

Founder, Massage Therapist

Nicole has been a massage therapist since 2017, graduating from the Rexburg College of Massage Therapy.  She is a co-founder of Modern Mindbody Massage and is excited to begin this new journey.


Her favorite modalities to give are a mix of therapeutic, deep massage techniques. Nicole's specialties are Trigger Point + cupping therapies. The neck & upper back are her favorite areas to release tension, aiding in the release of pressure in the head causing headaches.


In her free time, you can find Nicole enjoying the warm outdoor weather including camping, hiking and horse riding/training. She loves spending time with those she loves, and being creative with her camera.

Nicole is currently on Maternity Leave

Brynn Parker

Founder, Massage Therapist

Brynn has been a massage therapist since 2020. She is a co-founder and has been with us at Modern Mindbody Massage since the beginning!


Her favorite modalities to give are a blend between relaxation and therapeutic massage. Brynn is excellent at Trigger Point massage with deep, therapeutic pressure. She enjoys working the neck & upper back, to release tension headaches + migraines.


You can find Brynn spending time hunting or fishing with her husband. She loves spending time creating leatherwork projects and riding horses.


Harley Ramos

Massage Therapist

This is Harley. He has been a massage therapist since 2018. He graduated from Carrington College in Boise and fell in love with the relief massage brings and the many opportunities that are possible in using it to aid clientele.

Harley enjoys giving a variety of modalities, including deep tissue, cupping therapies and aromatherapy.

He loves helping his clientele find relief, especially in the upper back.

A fun fact about Harley is that his favorite time of the year is summer. He loves when everything is alive and thriving and there's so much more to do.


Mackenzie Sagers

Massage Therapist

Mackenzie graduated from the Rexburg College of Massage Therapy in 2014. 

She has always loved learning about the human body & ways to keep people healthy.

She has a Bachelor's degree in exercise physiology and loves being creative in her deep tissue work to help keep people doing the things they love.

When she's not busy with her 3 kids, she enjoys racing triathlons, running, and all things competitive gymnastics!


Calli Martial

Massage Therapist

Calli graduated from the Rexburg College of Massage Therapy in April 2022. She has loved massage ever since she could remember.  She decided to do massage therapy because she wants to help people live better and be better.

“I love how beneficial massage can be for everyone. I grew up learning about the importance of massage from my dad. I then used it to help assist in healing during sports activities in my life.“

Calli’s favorite modalities are deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, neck, headache and low back relief. She also enjoys injury-focused massage. She loves to learn and improve each day.


Her favorite hobbies consist of, photography, cooking, baking bread, hiking, running, and going on walks with her husband.


Lisa Ragan

Massage Therapist

Meet Lisa! She has been doing Massage Therapist for 13 years. She has lots of experience in the field.

She graduated from the Sensory Development Institute of St. George, in 2009.


Lisa has worked for well known massage companies and once had her own private practice.

She has always loved caring for people and wants to use her time and talents to help people to live pain free lives!


Lisa's Certifications include Deep Tissue, Swedish, Sports and Prenatal Massage. Her passion is helping people find relief from Sciatic nerve pain, Upper Body repetitive-use pain and injuries through massage and stretching techniques.


Lisa loves being out doors doing things such as golfing, swimming, camping etc. Her greatest joy is time with her family, especially her grandchildren!


Leslie Tirado

Massage Therapist

Information coming soon!

IMG_7285_Original (1).jpeg

Mattie Grider

Massage Therapist

This is Mattie. She has been doing massage therapy for nearly a year, graduating from the Rexburg College of Massage Therapy in 2022.

One of her favorite things about being a massage therapist is helping her client's throughout their healing journey, getting them back to being their best selves. She achieves this by using deep tissue techniques and also enjoys giving a sports-styled massage. Mattie does well with headache relief as well.

Something you may find Mattie doing in her free time is spending lots of time outside, hiking, horse back riding or going to the gym.


Justus Earley

Massage Therapist

Meet Justus.  He chose to pursue Massage Therapy after personally experiencing a major surgery, which affected his body for the worst. Massage was the only thing that helped him, during that time.

Justus recently graduated from the Rexburg College of Massage Therapy.


He wants to help others see and feel the same amazing benefits he has, from receiving massage therapy.

Justus (originally from Texas) loves fall in Idaho. "It's usually the perfect temperature day and night, and the landscape becomes pretty beautiful with the leaves changing."


Kaitlyn Collins

Client Relations Specialist

This is Kaitlyn!

She is excited to meet each of you who visits the clinic. 

Kaitlyn is exceptional in guest services and will answer all of your questions and needs.

One of her favorite things to do is spend time outdoors in the summer with her family. Kaitlyn loves geocaching, traveling, and playing games.

You can find her enjoying her free time soaking in a bath and reading a good book.


Emily Holmes

Client Relations Specialist

Meet Emily!

She is looking forward to getting to know each of you when you visit!

Emily strives to ensure that your visit to Modern Mindbody Massage + Float will meet your expectations and make sure your needs are being met. 


Some of her favorite hobbies are interior design, doing chalk pastel art, and swimming. Emily loves winter the most because of the cold and snow.

She is always looking forward to her next trip to her family cabin on Hebgen Lake, in West Yellowstone.


Anabelle Decker

Client Relations Specialist

Anabelle is the newest member of our team!

She is thrilled to meet each of you, during your visits in our clinic. Anabelle will be in office, most evenings to ensure that you are well taken care of.

She loves training any and all animals- she has trained parakeets, a ferret, started a dog training business and trains horses.

In her free time, you can find Anabelle learning to teach her horse to jump, hanging out in nature, or enjoying a bonfire with friends and family.

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