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Hectic Holidays

Among the family visits, shopping, dinner prep and future gift wrapping, remember yourself!

While you are in the midst of taking care of everything and everyone around you, it is very easy to forget your own needs. Schedule time to slow down! Self care can come in many shapes and sizes. Mentally unburden your minds; go for a quiet walk, read a book that you enjoy, practice meditation, or participate in an activity that clears your head.

The stress of getting everything done may not be just limited to our minds, it can manifest physically as well. Settling into our muscles and increasing the tension held there. Tight muscles can easily lead to trigger points, restricted range of motion and overall muscle pain. If inflammation is not present; Stretching and heat is our friend! Take advantage of a hot tub if you have access to one, if not, a hot shower / Epsom salt bath can be just as beneficial.

Scheduling in self care is a crucial aspect to accomplishing it, especially if children are a part of your life. Add self care to your schedule and stick to it. If needed, make arrangements with a babysitter. "I don't have time" or "I'll get to it eventually" are a phrases used all too often. Throw them out the window!

Through all the holiday preparations and events, remember to schedule time for YOU!

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