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First-time Floater? This is for YOU!

Updated: Jul 1

TEN Tips for your first float (continued).

While we made a different post about the mistakes you should avoid, this is a continued post, diving a little bit deeper into the secrets to having your BEST FLOAT POSSIBLE!

First-time Floater? This is for YOU!

Tip One: Turn Off Your Phone

Picture yourself in the serene depths of the float tank, weightless and free from distractions. Then, abruptly, your phone intrudes with its persistent ringing. This scenario can disrupt even the most tranquil float experience. To avoid this, power off your phone or at least silence it before entering the tank.

Even with your phone on silent mode, make sure it will not vibrate, as this is just as distracting as ringing. A serene float starts with a quiet mind.

Tip Two: Embrace the Nude Float

While it may initially feel strange, floating nude is the way to go. Swimsuits, no matter how snug, can tug or stick to your skin once wet, reminding you of their presence. Opting for a natural float minimizes distractions and lets you fully immerse yourself in the experience.

Tip Three: Insert Ear Plugs when your Ears are dry

To optimize the effectiveness of your ear plugs, insert them before you hop into the shower, when your ears are dry. This ensures a snug fit and keeps water out during your float session, enhancing your sensory deprivation experience.

Tip Four: Skip Conditioner Pre-Float

While hair conditioner works wonders for your locks, it's not compatible with float tanks. Its oils can compromise the tank's filtration system. Save the conditioner for post-float; a pre-float shampoo is all you need.

Tip Five: Dry Your Face after your pre-float shower

Before stepping into the tank, ensure your face and hairline are patted dry so water doesn't drip onto your face. A single drop of water running down your forehead can be a distracting annoyance, as well as might make you want to touch your face. Keep your focus on relaxation by starting with a dry face.

Tip Six: Caution is Key

Although we have non-slip textured flooring, being around float tanks can be slippery, especially when entering or exiting. Maintain a firm grip on handles or rails to prevent slips and potential discomfort. A few clients have even suggested putting a towel right outside the pod where you climb out afterward.

Tip Seven: Ease Into the Float

When entering the tank, sit down and slowly lay back until you find a comfortable floating position. This gradual approach helps you acclimate to the weightlessness of the water. Make sure to completely relax your head and neck- we've had several clients say that their neck hurt after the float, which means they were subconsciously holding their head out of the water, and not fully relaxing into it. Floating should relieve tension, not create more.

Tip Eight: Experiment with Arm Positions

Discover the arm position that works best for you. While many people float with their arms outstretched above their heads, find what feels most comfortable and relaxed for your float session. You may try putting your arms by your side, or even resting your hands on your stomach.

Tip Nine: Embrace the Darkness

For an optimal sensory deprivation experience, keep the lights both inside and outside the tank off. Embracing darkness enhances relaxation and focus on your breathing.

Tip Ten: Resist the Urge to Touch your Face

Avoid touching your face with your wet hands during your float. If needed, exit the tank, dry your hands and face, then re-enter to maintain uninterrupted relaxation. Touching your face during a float may just get salt in your eyes, and while we have protocols if this does happen, we would rather you have the best experience.

By following these tips, you can maximize the benefits of your float experience and achieve deep relaxation and rejuvenation.

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