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Float Pod Fears: a Series

What are the most common fears of floating? We asked, and you delivered!

Although floating in a sensory deprivation float pod is among one of the top, "bucket list" experiences, it is one of the most feared ... but why? Why is floating in a few inches of salt water so terrifying to people?

We have come up with a list of the most common "Float Pod Fears" to bring you this series; an educational blog journey to reduce your fears and debunk common myths about floating.

The Top Float Pod Fears:

  1. Claustrophobic

  2. "I can't float"

  3. Drowning

  4. Enclosed space/airflow

  5. Salt water in eyes

  6. Too anxious/wandering mind... "I can't be alone with my thoughts"

  7. Hallucinations

  8. General fear of the unknown

Check out this new series, and let us educate you about floating and how it could CHANGE your life, entirely!

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