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Sisters who own Massage Clinic in Ammon open Larger building with new Amenities

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June 28, 2023

Massage therapist sisters relocate to new building after 2 years of business

AMMON — It was just two years ago that Nicole Thompson and Brynn Parker opened a small massage clinic inside the Ammon Office Park. Now the sisters are in a bigger space in a building next door, and the clinic includes several new amenities.

Modern Mindbody Massage at 1480 Midway Avenue includes two couples massage rooms, a float pod — an egg-shaped tank filled with 18 inches of water and 1,000 pounds of dissolved Epsom salt — and an infrared sauna. The float pod is designed to help people float without any effort. Its purpose is to be a de-stressor and provide a relaxing experience for clients.

“It allows you to experience nothingness, to learn to shut your brain off, to learn to relax really well and meditate. There’s a lot of good benefits from it. It’s really unique,” Thompson tells

The infrared sauna is a small space with a transparent door that has a bench with lights in it. Seven different light colors are available, and there are a variety of health advantages, depending on which color customers choose, the owners say. Violet, for example, stimulates the pituitary gland to help regulate sleep, according to an informational flyer.

The desire to provide more amenities was part of the reason for the move, Parker says. Since the clinic opened in 2021, the duo have added nine new employees, and more than 3,500 customers have walked through the door. Having a larger space had become a necessity.

“The amount of therapists we had with the amount of rooms they could work in was fine, but the flow space — we had one sink that everybody shared, so it just became a hassle,” says Parker.

The company’s website and online reviews have attracted people as far as Driggs, Island Park and Jackson.

Thompson and Parker say working as business partners while being sisters hasn’t caused any problems or personal conflicts between them.

“We’re very likeminded when it comes to our goals and our vision, and I think that helps a lot. Our communication has improved. When we were trying to implement new things, like the move to a new building, we’ve gotten a lot better at relaying information to our employees without them getting confused,” Parker explains.

Thompson adds that they were the two siblings who were the most alike growing up and had a hard time getting along, as a result. Those similarities are what make it fun to work together today, she says.

Another unique aspect of their business partnership is their age. Thompson is 24 and Parker is 22. Parker says customers are always pleasantly surprised to discover they’re running a successful venture in their 20s.

The sisters are enjoying patrons’ interest in the float pods and the new building, but as time goes on, they would like to “keep the momentum going” by opening a second location in Idaho Falls or the Boise area.

“People were willing to take a chance on us when we first opened, and we’re so grateful for the community (support). Our employees have been amazing with all the changes,” says Parker.

“We’re excited for the expansion,” Thompson adds.

Modern Mindbody Massage is open for appointments from 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, with a 6 p.m. closing time on Saturday. Appointments can be scheduled online or by calling (208) 475-4268.

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1480 Midway Ave. | Ammon ID 83406

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