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Float Pod Fears: "I can't be alone with my thoughts."

Updated: Jul 1

We live in a society of constant hustle and bustle, where over-stimulation is the new norm. ADHD is on the rise and the reason behind it is simple - we as a society cannot handle "doing nothing" or simply "just being" without having an emotional or mental crisis to a small degree. We are bombarded with the need to not be bored.

Float Pod Fears: "I can't be alone with my thoughts."

We are in a constant state of entertainment, whether it's watching videos, listening to music, or mindlessly scrolling to help fill that void of boredom. It's no wonder we have a hard time shutting down and simply "just being" with ourselves and our thoughts.

This relentless pursuit of stimulation not only affects our mental well-being but also takes a toll on our physical health. The amount of information bombarding our senses leads to heightened stress levels, disrupted sleep patterns, and diminished cognitive function.

Our brains are wired to seek novelty and excitement, but in our modern society, the relentless pursuit of stimulation has left us craving moments of peace and tranquility.

It's time to recognize the importance of rest in a world that glorifies productivity and busyness. Embracing moments of stillness and allowing our minds to wander without the constant need for external stimulation can lead to profound insights, enhanced creativity, and overall well-being.

While any of our services help with this break from the world, the float pod is the PERFECT solution to escape from any external stimulation. Some first-timers may find it difficult to completely relax and may find themselves bored as they float in the darkness.

Floating is learned, just like anything else. The first time floating has a lot of unknowns and can be the most difficult session to relax into. By a second or third float, people find themselves relaxing into it more and more, retraining their minds that it is -okay- to just be, to reset and relax. It's very healthy to allow your brain to quiet itself, and has lasting benefits for your overall well-being, a few of them, including:

1. Stress Reduction: Float pods provide a tranquil environment that helps reduce stress by promoting relaxation and decreasing cortisol levels.

2. Pain Relief: Floating in a buoyant solution of Epsom salts can alleviate muscle tension and joint pain, offering relief to individuals suffering from conditions like chronic pain or fibromyalgia.

3. Improved Sleep: Floating can enhance sleep quality by promoting relaxation and reducing insomnia symptoms, leading to better rest and rejuvenation.

4. Mental Clarity and Focus: Sensory deprivation can enhance mental clarity and focus by reducing external stimuli, allowing individuals to enter a meditative state that promotes concentration and problem-solving skills.

Let's reclaim our right to rest and restore balance in our lives by prioritizing moments of quiet contemplation and self-reflection. It's okay to "just be."

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