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Nicole has Returned!

For those who have not been in the loop recently, Nicole has been on maternity leave these last few months. She will be back in the beginning of November and she is ready to start helping YOU with your journey of recovery!

Nicole loves working with her clients one-on-one. Seeing to that they are heard and that their needs are met.

Working on the back, neck and shoulders are her favorite places to relieve your tension. While focusing on using Trigger Point Therapy techniques, she really targets for tension headaches and migraines.

"Nicole was fantastic! Her knowledge was so great and her specific understanding of what I needed. She focused on my pressure points of back pain and was able to locate the pain and calm the muscle. Very unique experience." -Aaron OConner, (Google review)

Nicole does practice many types of massage and especially loves to see the progress that you guys are able to achieve.

Call in to see her availability Today!

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